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[trans] Ishida's Blog Post: 04/14/2016


*originally posted April 14, 2016: kanekuinke @ tumblr

Belfast / österreich
Spring is depressing
Because of the happiness
That comes with the warm sunlight.
I really hate happiness.
Only within the dirty mud can I understand my form.
Anesthetized from pain
Tugging a dulled brain
Losing sanity, a spasm of laughter.
People who cannot live without a reason.
Although the truth is that they probably didn’t want to write anything,
They fill 
t h e  b l a n k  s p a c e  w i t h  t h o u g h t s  a n d  s e l f - h a r m
Constantly drowning it out with characters and sound.
While deceiving, people only exist
Labored breathing like through a mask
I wonder since when did everyone
start pretending to be human?”
Who knows.