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2016-04-21 11:30 am

[trans] Ishida's Blog Post: 04/14/2016


*originally posted April 14, 2016: kanekuinke @ tumblr

Belfast / österreich
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2016-04-06 01:00 pm

[trans] Ishida's Birthday Post: Sasaki 2016


*originally posted April 5, 2016: kanekuinke @ tumblr

I Want to Disappear

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2016-04-06 12:45 pm

[trans] Ishida's Birthday Post: Tsukiyama 2016

I thought I'd archive these here in case I ever got rid of my tumblr...


*originally posted March 3, 2016: kanekuinke @ tumblr

Kindred Spirit ・ Tsukiyama Shuu

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2015-03-10 11:44 am
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This is a test!

Man, I forgot how annoying it is to set up a new blog. Please bear with the ugliness for now lol...