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I thought I'd archive these here in case I ever got rid of my tumblr...


*originally posted March 3, 2016: kanekuinke @ tumblr

Kindred Spirit ・ Tsukiyama Shuu

It’s alright
The world will surely become kind
Everything will turn out fine
Someone who will understand you, even if it’s only one person, will surely arrive
Someone will give you love
And will gently hold the you who has been hurting in loneliness 
What you’re striving for
Isn’t something worthless
The thing you did was forgiven
The day you can forgive him will certainly come
It happened long ago
It will surely be forgotten
The scary things will all cease to exist 
Eternity exists
Be born
Take a breath
Feel something
You are now looking at characters
And you understand
You realize that I’ve been casting these words at you
You are chasing my words
With your eyes, right?
Surprised, your breathing stops a little
And then you realize, and again you breathe
You are alive
The nights you fight alone
Shall I take your hand and lead you to an ocean of stars? 
Get on the moon’s swing
Until morning comes, I’ll gently push your back
If a frightful morning comes, then it’s okay to remain sleeping
It’s alright not to feel guilty about sleeping inside the light
And whenever night comes
I will take you out, however many times
It’s okay not to be normal
Even if you’re different from what’s around you, there’s nothing to fear
It’s okay to be normal
The eyes looking around you just don’t matter, isn’t that so?
It’s okay to love someone
It’s also okay to be hated
It’s okay to avert your eyes from unpleasant things
It’s okay to hide from scary things
Wondering what to do will also cease
If breathing becomes painful, then it’s okay to run away
And with that,
It’s okay to do whatever you like, whatever comes to mind
It’s okay to continue dancing, it’s okay to continue singing
It’s okay to continue to sleep
Rest, and when you’re well enough
Even just a little
Open the door – it’s okay to stay in your pajamas
Try to go outside
If it seems like the chilly morning air feels good, then you’re already fine
Just like that, let’s walk a little
If you get tired, it’s okay to rest whenever
You are strong
You are beautiful
You are wonderful
It’s okay to be happy
It’s okay to be loved
You have every right
I’ll always pamper you
Therefore, you, too, should also pamper your small self
Because you’re trying so hard
It will be okay
It’s okay


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